Spinal Endoscopy, Dolphin

Devices Features

All Dolphin epiduroscopes have following physical characteristics:

  • A 9Fr (3.3mm) size operating segment;
  • Two 3Fr (1mm) size lumens;
  • They are compatible with optics up to 17,000 px
  • They are compatible with accessories up to 1.20mm section;

Each kit includes everything you need to perform the procedure::

  • Dolphin Epiduroscope
  • Connection kit for irrigation through the operating lumen
  • 9Fr Spinal Introducer
  • Seldinger kit for percutaneous accesses
Epiduroscope, Spinal Endoscopy, Dolphin
Epiduroscope, Spinal Endoscopy, DP-Cath, Dolphin

DP-CATH: Electrified probe for Pulsed Radiofrequency treatments

With the combined use of the Dolphin epiduroscope and the DP-Cath probe, you can perform BIPOLAR Pulsed Radiofrequency treatments. At the end of the epiduroscope there is an electrode; the other electrode is instead positioned at the end of the DP-Cath electrified probe. By inserting the probe into the device lumen and connecting the epiduroscope to the RF generator, it is possible to deliver pulsed radiofrequency for treating a particular nerve root reached by the probe during endoscopy. The probe is equipped with a thermocouple for temperature control during the treatment.

Modify of the Bipolar Field Size

The DP-Cath electrified probe also lets you set the size of the Bipolar field to be applied to the target area. In order to set the right size, you just to advance or retract the probe through the lumen to change the distance between the two electrodes involved in the emission of the electric stimulus. This feature makes the epiduroscope particularly suitable in situations where the drive space, close to the area to be treated, is particularly limited.

Spinal Endoscopy, DP-Cath, Dolphin, Pulsed Radiofrequency

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