Ganglion Neurostimulation, Accustim-E

Ganglion Neurostimulation: Indications and Procedures


The spinal ganglion neurostimulation as action principle, combined with procedures simplicity, makes ACCUSTIM-E an effective system for treating following indications:

  • Spinal Radiculopathies
  • Vasculopathia pains
  • FBSS Syndromes
  • Post-Herpetic pains
  • SCS peripherals trial
  • Ghost Limb Syndrome

Also ACCUSTIM-E can be used as a diagnostic tool to identify patients who may benefit from permanent peripheral nerve stimulation.

Ganglion Neurostimulation, Accustim-E, electro-catheter, E-Cath, Spinal Radiculopathies

The procedure

The procedure for installation of ACCUSTIM-E systems for the ganglion stimulation begins with insertion and positioning of the E-CATH catheter. This procedure is minimally invasive and should be performed in surgical environment.

Through fluoroscopy, you identifie the target that has to be reached with E-CATH electrocatheter tip. Then you perform a percutaneous access with the specific introducer included into the system. Most common accesses are the interlaminar or intraforaminal one and they are performed in adjacent levels to the one to be treated, in order to insert a portion of electrocatheter not too long. An access close to the target allows more accurate and stable positioning throughout the therapy time.

Once E-Cath tip is right positioned, you connect the ACCUSTIM stimulator included in the system and verify the effectiveness of the positioning through paresthesia test occurs.
When the patient feels paresthesia sensations in the affected area, proceed to remove the E-Cath mandrin and secure fix all system components. Then you start the pre-defined treatment program for that particular indication.

The duration and number of treatments changes depending on the chronicity level and by the pain degree complained by the patient. Therapy does not cause dependence, therefore the range of variability is wide and can be optimized even during the therapy. In the most favorable cases, remission or decrease in pain is evident from the first treatment, however the effectiveness is evidenced in most cases after several treatments.

Ganglion Neurostimulation, Accustim-E, electro-catheter, E-Cath, Spinal Radiculopathies

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