Ganglion Neurostimulation, Accustim-E, electro-catheter, E-Cath

Minimally Invasive Devices for Ganglion Neurostimulation

The ACCUSTIM-E systems line is specific for treatment of neurological pathologies treatable by neurostimulation of the spinal root ganglion. The ACCUSTIM-E systems are composed by an external neurostimulator and an electrocatheter (E-CATH) specifically designed for interlaminar/intraforaminal percutaneous accesses.

Ganglion Neurostimulation, Accustim-E, electro-catheter, E-Cath

ACCUSTIM-E stimulators are DISPOSABLE stimulators, conceived to perform simple, fast and efficient treatments. They are small in size and allow, used with E-CATH electrocatheters, the realization of very minimally invasive and totally portable installations in order to allow, for many clinical indications, the application of continuous treatments.

Ganglion Neurostimulation, Accustim-E, electro-catheter, E-Cath

E-CATH electrocatheters are thin bipolar electrodes of 0,9 mm diameter used to perform neuro-stimulation treatments of the dorsal root ganglion, through interlaminar or intraforaminal accesses.

The spinal introducer included in the system are customized for using this kind of electrodes and they allow you to perform the access procedure and the catheter insertion in total safety.

Further, these electrocatheters are equipped of infusion lumen to combine, during therapy days, electric stimulation, and pharmacological treatment directly in the treated area.

Once the electrocatheter has been positioned, the ACCUSTIM-E stimulator emits a series of electrical pulses that stimulate the selected nervous structures. When the catheter is positioned in an close enough area to the target nerve, the electrical waves induce light muscle contractions and paresthesias depending on afferent nerve fibers (motor and/or sensory) and from type of stimulation.

With ACCUSTIM-E is possible to customize all physical parameters typical of electrical impulses, in such way to optimize the electrical stimulation to the clinical indication, type of treatment to be carry out and to the patient's feeling.

Ganglion Neurostimulation, Accustim-E, E-Cath, stimulation

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