Peripheral Neurostimulation, Subcutaneous, Accustim-P, PENS

Devices for Subcutaneous Neurostimulation

ACCUSTIM-P is the new line of specific systems for peripheral subcutaneous (PNT and PENS) treatments. Thanks to the very thin and flexible electrodes P-LEAD, you can now run, for many clinical indications, treatments repeated or prolonged for several days. All components of subcutaneous neurostimulation ACCUSTIM-P kit are designed to simplify the install procedures and make them faster and more efficient.

ACCUSTIM-P systems are composed by an external DISPOSABLE neurostimulator and by a thin flexible electrode which is subcutaneously inserted to perform the neurostimulation treatments directly in algic zone.

The size of stimulator are very conteined, and the particular flexibility of the P-LEAD electrodes, combined with their minimum cross-section, makes the whole system compact and comfortable for the patient.

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PENS, Peripheral Neurostimulation, Subcutaneous, Accustim-P
PENS, Peripheral Neurostimulation, Subcutaneous, Accustim-P

This exclusive feature allows you to perform multiple treatment courses during a single therapy period, without having to make others subcutaneous accesses. Once the electrode has been inserted in the algic area, they program the ACCUSTIM-P stimulator to carry out a certain number of treatments, with specific interval, for the whole therapy period (eg. 30 minutes per day for a week).

Although this method is still in the experimental stage, it is a matter of fact that for some patients with certain diseases the treatments have cumulative effect over time, improving the long-term analgesic result.

Stimulation kits with one electrode and stimulation kits with two electrodes are available.

PENS, Peripheral Neurostimulation, Subcutaneous, Accustim-P, P-LEAD

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