Pulstrode Plus, Pulsed Radiofrequency

Indication and procedures

Following the most common indications for whom the pulsed radiofrequency treatment is an efficient way to treat pain:

  • Spinal radiculopathies
  • FBSS
  • Post-Herpetic syndrome
  • Chronic Low back Pain
  • CPRS
  • Trial SCS
Spinal radiculopathies, Chronic Low back Pain

Double Target Approach

High quality of raw materials of Pulstrode, make this catheter easy to guide (SCS method) and it is possible, during the esecution of the same procedure, carry out several treatments in different levels, even for complex bilateral diseases. Achievements and outlooks can last a medium and long term.

The Approach

Considering the cauda anatomy, frequently the neural lesion area and the first pain modulation station are placed in two next levels. That’s why is better to treat both of them.

Under fluoroscopic view, the catheter is guided to the intraforaminal position near to each DRG target, that represents the site of the first sensory neuron.

Spinal radiculopathies, Pulsed Radiofrequency

Then is trated the upper DRG, where is identified the neural injured tract. It's possible to find in this site all sorts of the lesions (disc compression, inflammation, fibrosis, scar tissue).

Spinal radiculopathies, Pulsed Radiofrequency

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