Spinal Endoscopy, Dolphin, Canal stenosis, Radicular fibrosis

Spinal Endoscopy and Pulsed Radiofrequency

With DOLPHIN epiduroscopes, today is possible to combine the convenience of Spinal Endoscopy diagnostic technique with the efficacy of Bipolar Pulsed Radiofrequency.

The Spinal Endoscopy (or Epiduroscopy or Peridoscopy) via caudal access is a mini-invasive procedure consisting in the percutaneous positioning of an epiduroscope and a fiberscope via caudal, up to reach, under fluoroscopy, the area of a root fibrosis or a pathology of low lumbar epidural space that you want to document by direct vision.

This method is part of the mini-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in the front and anterolateral lumbar peridural space, and it is surely a recommended procedure in those patients with FBSS, canal stenosis, radicular fibrosis.

Spinal Endoscopy, Dolphin, Canal stenosis, Radicular fibrosis
Epiduroscope, Spinal Endoscopy, Dolphin
Spinal Endoscopy, Dolphin

Today with DOLPHIN Epiduroscopes it is possible to treat the pain not only by epidural and pharmacological treatments but also with the Pulsed Radiofrequency in the dorsal roots ganglion.

DOLPHIN Epiduroscopes are equipped with two electrodes that let you perform Bipolar Pulsed Radiofrequency treatments treat the neuropathic pain even more effectively.

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